Monday, 21 January 2013

Agrimonia Eupatoria Benefits and Uses

Agrimonia eupatoria is a perennial plant that grows abundantly in Europe, Canada and the United States where it is used for various medicinal purposes that included her in therapy traditional herbal health, the agrimony is especially useful for tone and from ancient times was also used for soothing and coagulant useful to promote healing of cuts and wounds, as well as to treat skin blemishes such as pimples and warts
The agrimony is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that allows the elimination of the virus that infect the tissues, causing swelling, irritation and severe pain.

The diuretic disinfectant with grimonia

The agrimony nowadays belongs to a group of herbs proposed as a remedy for many problems of a quite common in our times, affecting a large number of parts such as urinary tract and problems with urination.
The agrimony can be really useful to people who want to increase diuresis, to reduce water retention and eliminate all toxic wastes in the body, which is deposited in a special way in the tissues and membranes that make up the gastrointestinal tract, causing infection serious.
With the agrimony be able to reduce this possibility, in order to return to try being and relief at the time of going to the bathroom, instead of fear and dread.

Stomach Problems? Resolve with the agrimony

If you have stomach upset or experience intense pain during digestion then do not worry because you have a good weapon such as agrimony to relieve your problem and get back to enjoying the serenity and pleasure after eating.
The agrimony and its active ingredients, in fact, successfully support the digestive process and allow the total assimilation of compounds introduced as an energy source, reducing heartburn often caused by the toxic formed during the work of the metabolism.

Infusion of agrimony

Pour 150 ml of boiling water over 1/2 teaspoon of agrimony dried minced, let stand 10-15 minutes, then strain. Drink one cup daily infusion 2-4 times a day. Decoction : Pour the agrimony dried in cold water, boil for 5 minutes and then strain.

Pack agrimony

Prepare a decoction of 10 g of water and 100 agrimony. Dip a cloth and place it on the sore several times a day.

Ointment with agrimonia

Mix a handful of leaves powder with hot lard and work the ingredients until a smooth cream.

Agrimonia for gargling

Pour 1 teaspoon of tincture of agrimony in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water.

Agrimonia can prevent problems such as:

  • Sting
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Nausea
  • Ulcers
  • Infections
  • Swelling
To enjoy the benefits of agrimonia, it can prepare an excellent tea leaves using its content-rich active, drunk after a meal will help you digest better without having to wait anxiously for the first signs of heartburn occur on your body. The tea-based agrimony you can use it also as a kind of skin lotion to treat eczema, ulcers epidermis or other infectious forms that affect the skin. .

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