Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mediterranean diet - A Style Of Food

As for the famous Mediterranean diet is worth pointing out that the word diet is not intended as a weight-loss diet, but as a dietary program (or eating pattern), it is a style of food inspired by Mediterranean tradition. nutritionist In 1939, the Italian was Piroddi the first to perceive the connection between nutrition and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Subsequently, the American nutritionist Ancel Keys noticed that the populations of the Mediterranean basin were less susceptible to certain diseases than Americans and therefore predicted that following the Mediterranean diet could improve the health and increasing life expectancy. peoples who live around the Mediterranean, in fact, consume relatively large amounts of fat, but nevertheless, had lower rates of cardiovascular disease than the U.S. population, in whose power levels are present similar animal fats. To summarize the principles of the Mediterranean diet and invite people to follow the dietary advice was offered a simple food pyramid, a graph at the top of the pyramid foods that should be consumed in small amounts and coming down, the food to be consumed more frequently and in greater quantities.

An important role in the Mediterranean diet is occupied by cereals careful to vary the food and take not only bread, pasta and rice, but also other grains such as corn, barley, spelled and oats.
Whenever possible better to eat a good portion of whole grains and not refined as more particularly rich of dietary fiber . Regarding fruit and vegetables is already well-established opinion that are food to be consumed daily basis because of the advantages that guarantee providing vitamins, mineral salts, a lot of fiber and water, useful for adequately replenish fluids lost especially in summer days. They also create a sense of satiety high compared to other foods with the same calories (thanks to dietary fiber ).preferably is recommended to consume fruit in season.

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