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Chronic fatigue - Helpful hints and tips against chronic fatigue

What is chronic fatigue?  With regard to chronic fatigue , opinions of doctors differ, in fact, some doctors believe that chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder characterized by specific symptoms, while other physicians believe that it is a symptom and not a real disease, but in reality, the causes and symptoms of this condition have not been understood perfectly, in fact you can not understand whether it is perceived or a fatigue only if it is a real fatigue , caused by a number of factors of physical and emotional.  should be remembered, finally, that some people are able to regain his strength in a relatively short period, while in others, chronic fatigue lasts a long time, even for a few months, or even years.

The symptoms of chronic fatigue

The fatigue and the feeling of fatigue that go on for a long time are, of course, the main symptoms of chronic fatigue, but you may find other symptoms related to this condition of chronic fatigue .

Among the various symptoms of chronic fatigue include:

  • the frequent feeling of not having the strength necessary to carry out normal daily activities
  • sleep disorders, or at least the feeling of waking up extremely tired or more tired than before going to sleep
  • difficulty in concentration and reduction in attention and memory performance
  • headaches and other pains that can communicate a feeling of malaise
  • the inability to perform activities, physical or mental, intense
  • psychological problems and mood disorders

The causes of chronic fatigue

The doctors do not have a definite opinion on chronic fatigue, and therefore can not say with certainty what causes this feeling, it is very likely that the condition of fatigue resulting from a number of factors that come together in this disorder.
It is assumed, but this is not yet proven, that chronic fatigue could be due to other medical conditions, such as diseases of various kinds, both physical and mental in nature, however, research has not yet proven the reliability of these hypotheses.

Cures for chronic fatigue

The treatment against chronic fatigue can reduce, limit and, if possible, remove the condition of fatigue and the feeling of fatigue, so you can perform all the tasks with maximum strength. Some treatments can be taken autonomously at home, improving their quality of sleep, adopting a healthy and balanced diet and practicing a light exercise, should be avoided, however, if they are taking medication prescribed by your doctor or treatment unsafe to take: it is therefore necessary seek the advice of a physician before embarking on any treatment that may harm the body or in any way increase the condition of chronic fatigue .  It is believed that a light exercise can help people suffering from chronic fatigue has regain its strength and their energies, however care must be taken, as a program of strenuous physical activity, on the contrary, it can worsen the feeling of tiredness .
The most effective treatment against chronic fatigue , however, is a therapy that allows people to deal with more energy the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, in fact, although this approach may be difficult, it is the only treatment that allows to recover from the condition of chronic fatigue, the mind and the body, in fact, are closely related and influence each other, so a positive attitude towards a disease helps, even in small part, to better deal with the symptoms of the disease itself , let go, instead, to feelings of despair and agitation makes the tired feeling even more acute, so you avoid any condition of anxiety and stress .

The remedies for chronic fatigue

The remedies are essential with regard to chronic fatigue , to the point that home remedies can be considered the real treatment against chronic fatigue.  E 'can, in fact, alleviate the symptoms of this condition of fatigue , using simple remedies and doing the following, but you must first consider certain factors: understand what times of day you are most active and which is more tired, for example, it is useful to focus most of its activities in the moments when you have the strength to carry them out, choosing instead to rest at times when you feel more tired, but should not be too tired at times when you have more energy, as strenuous activity may cause a further feeling of fatigue , worsening the condition of chronic fatigue. should, therefore, avoid excessive fatigue, as it may take several days to recover his strength and energy in this regard, it is recommended to maintain a specific sleep-wake rhythm, improving their quality of sleep, in fact, sleep disorders can increase the feeling of fatigue. need, therefore, to go to sleep when you are tired, and avoid straining your body, and sleep a sufficient number of hours, for example, eight hours for prevent sleep disorders that can worsen this condition is also necessary to avoid or at least limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, and eliminate the light and noise in the room where you sleep.
remedy against chronic fatigue can be, in some cases, physical activity, however, the exercise does not have to be intense, as any excessive activity tends to worsen the condition of fatigue , we recommend, however, strenuous activities, such as walking , cycling,swimming or stretching, as these exercises, while keeping the body active, not tiring.
Finally, it is advisable to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, as the consumption of wholesome improve the general condition of the body, while taking all the nutrients the body needs provides the strength and energy necessary to carry out daily activities.
Physical activity and diet are, therefore, two fundamental assumptions to keep the body in good health, as a result, if you follow a balanced diet and regular exercise practice, of course, in a moderate way, you should have a less feeling of tiredness .
We must not, however, follow programs of diet or other remedies not sure, in fact, if you believe you need a real treat, you must contact your doctor, avoiding any solution unreliable that could harm the body, aggravating Furthermore, the condition of chronic fatigue .

How long does the chronic fatigue?

The chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition characterized by feelings of tiredness and fatigue that go on for several weeks, in some cases, even for several months, the causes of this condition is uncertain, in fact, the same doctors are not able to understand if you whether or not a real disease.
Since the causes and symptoms of chronic fatigue are difficult to identify, there is no specific treatment against this disease, but you can take some treatments, remedies and other devices that allow you to combat the condition of fatigue and help regain the strength necessary to carry out normal daily activities.

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