Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Natural remedies for Dry Eye Syndrome | Tips to Avoid Dry Eye Syndrome

Natural remedies for dry eye

The simplest and most natural remedy DIY care of dry eye is to use the technique of the compress warm, placing a clean cloth soaked in warm water (do not burn!) On the closed eyelids and while you are relaxed and lying in bed or on a couch.
Very useful also prepare a natural remedy with tamarind seeds soaked in warm water for a bit 'of time and then use the filtered water to wash the eyes.
In pharmacies and pharmacy homeopathic eye drops are excellent and not to solve the problem of dry eye, just ask your doctor for advice from your physician or pharmacist, who certainly advise a good remedy for artificial tears can help in case of dry eye syndrome .

Tips to avoid dry eye

  • Take vitamin B2 and C;
  • consume foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are the sardines, cod, herring and salmon;
  • include in your diet the consumption of flaxseed oil;
  • drink plenty of water, because dehydration makes the problem of dry eyes even worse, especially during the warmer seasons and windy;
  • consume vegetables and fruits;
  • Pay attention to air conditioners and / or heating that significantly reduce the moisture of the eye
  • avoid passive smoking and smoking because for the same reason as before the smoke tends to reduce the moisture of the eye which therefore tends to "dry out";
  • when we realize that we strain our eyes to the computer or television is better to take a break or switch off altogether.

Final consideration on the problem of dry eye

Dry eye syndrome is a disorder of tearing, a condition characterized by dryness of the ocular surface, the causes of this disease are diverse and difficult to eliminate, but there are many remedies that can be taken to greatly reduce the symptoms. In conclusion, we must, first of all, try to avoid all those conditions that favor the dry eye condition, but if this condition persists, you need not worry as you just have to adopt an effective and targeted, so as to greatly reduce the problem.

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