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What to do and what are the possible consequences of a bite by a dog

dog bite such diseases and consequences can bring? In the event of a bite from part of adog can be Vare many things that will list in the underlying article.

Dog bites what to do ? The dog bite is not necessarily synonymous with diseases and disastrous consequences , in most cases the wound caused by the dog bite is minor and can be treated with simple first aid techniques, as for example:
  • cleaning the wound with warm water immediately
  • encouraging the bleeding of the injured party by gently pressing down on it (if you do not bleed spontaneously)
  • relieving pain and inflammation resorting to the use of medicines such as ibuprofen or paracetamol
  • taking antibiotics (to prevent any bacterial infections)
The cases of bites of the aforementioned animals are found very easily in young children (I am referring to the age group between 5-9 years).
In fact, they are not able to interpret the signals that sends them when the animal is disturbed by their presence, especially if it is quite old.
Nor do they understand that 's is jealous of its spaces, ie of his kennel, bowl, his master that they recognize as a leader.
The dog that bites is usually not a stray, but belongs to a friend, a neighbor, when not even a family member.

What are the reasons why a dog bite:

First we must say that there is a breed of dog that is particularly more aggressive than the other. The dog bites biting easily strangers sometimes was beaten, abused by her owners when she was puppy, because growing pulled out his aggression.
I remind you that in the past, German Shepherds and Great Danes were bred by the Nazis to guard prisoners of war (and also to kill sadistically).
The underworld today continues to use these poor unsuspecting animals to intimidate their victims. There is even the shameful exploitation of these animals for shows nothing short of cruel.
The small breeds such as pincher, the yorkshire, are used to irritate mastiffs due to the fact that they are very active, barking a lot (and often die from the attacks of the latter). The German Shepherd, the Doberman, Great Danes and pitbull (all obtained from crossbred), however, are used to face off each other in fights to the death.
When one of these these animals can survive these atrocities and is released (or manages to escape), his life is marked: in need of rehabilitation in order to get rid of the hatred that has accumulated. It is said, however, that the veterinarians and trainers, experts behavioral able to recover their mind.
Other reasons why the dog bite can be traced to his sense of territorial defense. The cries of frightened children these beasts (as they annoy attempts to be petted, picked up, or groped to become involved in bizarre games).
The puppy tends to nibble to play: it is the adult impart a "no" peremptory to make him understand that his action is wrong.
Nor is it rare that a child has instigated the dog to chase the cats, to be enjoyed by the owner and the people who are close. Too bad that once it became big the dog will tend to be aggressive not only in respect of the felines, but also of his fellows, especially if the size is as small yorkshire.
The animal can attack even as it might be hungry (the survival instinct).
When the dog is half blind and can not figure out if the person or the beast that comes up to him is not a threat to his safety, may react unleashing an attack, instead of running away.
Finally, the animal sick, or in pain, when touched can suddenly bite, because it considers the author of the act as the source of his pain.

What are the areas of the body that can be affected and wonderful daun dog bite?

dog that bites usually cause a wound (a narrow and deep hole) in the skin or a laceration (jagged wound or cut) and abrasion (scraping of the skin). This is because the animal in question uses his front teeth to yank his victim and the other remaining instead pulls the surrounding skin.
The adults usually are wounded in the legs and the top ones. The children (due to their small size), are attached to the face (lips, nose, cheeks), throat and head.

When should you seek medical advice after receiving a dog bite:

You must consult a doctor when he was attacked a child, even if the bite of the dog was slight.In particular, you must strive to ensure that the injured person is seen in the emergency room when it is:
  • diabetic
  • presents some affection of the liver
  • a weakened immune system (HIV, by radiotherapy, from a recent surgery).
If the injury is mild, the patient can safely be medicated by your doctor. If the bite has touched the joints, tendons, broken bones or the victim must receive specialized care hospitals (sometimes even plastic reconstructions).

Dog breeds that cause more damage than others with their bites

There are dogs bigger and stronger than others their fellows as:
  • Dobermann
  • Pitbull
  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepherds (Alsatians)
  • Chow.
However, I remind you that animal bites of small tonnage as the Chihuahua, the Jack Russell, or Dachshunds can get some serious damage (or less depends on the type of infection that could be transmitted).

Diseases from dog bites

Rabies (hydrophobia)

Rabies is an infectious disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. The viral infection (caused by the germ RhaDdoviridae) which allocates in a particular way in the nerve centers and in saliva. The virus is usually transmitted when the blood of the wounded comes into contact with saliva virulent, or when the latter comes into contact with any other part of the body discovery.
Not always the symptoms of rabies are seen immediately: if it is in the form changes (or quiet), the animal will be apathetic (unlike when is restless, constantly barking, growling or is in the form angry, very dangerous).

The tetanus

Tetanus is an inflammation caused by an anaerobic bacterium (which grows in the absence of oxygen). A human could contract the infection through injury procured by a bite of an infected dog. The spores of the bacterium in the blood come and create toxins that reach the lymphatic system, the central nervous system (CNS) and cause muscle pain, spasms and other damage (eg hypertension or even paralysis of respiratory muscles).

Infectious diseases secondary

Sepsis (or sepsis)

Sepsis is bacterial infection that spreads through the bloodstream. It is recognized by some symptoms such as:
  • the change in body temperature (<36 ° or> 38 °)
  • by 'increased heart rate (tachycardia)
  • the increase in respiratory rate (the number of breaths we emit every 60 seconds)
  • quantitative change of leukocytes (<4000 L - ¹ or> 12,000 cells L - ¹).


Meningitis is a disease that affects the outer layers of the brain (the membranes covering the brain).


Endocarditis is a disease that affects the lining of the heart.
Symptomatology common for the above pathologies
  • high fever (38 ° or more)
  • chills
  • muscle pain
  • diarrhea
  • shortness of breath
  • bewilderment
  • headache.

Treatments (what to do)

Use of medicines
The patient may be subjected bitten (prevention for any infection by these aforementioned inflammation), for prophylaxis against rabies or tetanus. To cope with septicemia, meningitis and bacterial endocarditis instead may need to take antibiotics (even injections if the patient does not respond to oral therapy) or undergo drainage of infected fluid.
When a person has suffered serious injuries, , broken bones, may even be subjected to surgery to save his life, to cure his limb, or to reduce skin damage.

How do you prevent animal bites :

What can a landlord
Learn how your dogs from puppies that do not have to bite to play their own kind, or humans (if you can not fix it, ask for help from a trainer).
When you bring your friends to "four legs" around, keep them always on a leash and possibly a muzzle (especially if they are mastiffs).
Urge them not to chase the cats, the birds (not to make him too develop a sense of hunting).
If you can try to grow them in contact with other animals (in this way will be less likely to become ruthless killer).
When your pet is approached by a child, keep it very close to you and if you notice that she gets nervous, change path.
If you noticed changes in your mood trust not underestimate them, but take it to the vet immediately.
What can a normal person
If you do not have a dog but your little one when he sees one mad with happiness, not touch it without the consent of the owner who knows him well and will know if this is the case or not to leave him alone.
Be vigilant, however, if your child comes into contact with an animal known: it might bother him involuntarily and be attacked, especially when eating or if he woke up.
If you still find you were face to face with a stray do not run, otherwise the reaction will scare and might even bite.

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